Away, but not forgotten.

Happy New Year.  So, I did retire on September 1.  I guess I’m experiencing retirement fog.  Too much to do, to much time to do it in.  A procrastinators dream.  Why do today what you can do several tomorrows down the road.  More later.

Almost May Update – Update

It’s almost May, time for another update.  Retirement is still on track for the end of August.  I have a few new websites to add to my list and a change for Arts Along the River.  Since Arts Along the River never really developed into the regional website that was originally imagined, I renamed it to better reflect it’s purpose to Fredericksburg Arts.  One of the main reasons was for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It was very difficult to make it up to the top of the search engine page if I didn’t have Fredericksburg in the title.  I’ve also created new websites for Fredericksburg Sister City Association and for Fredericksburg – Este Association, a new organization exploring a Sister City opportunity with Este, Italy.

Crab Feast 1Haven’t had much time to create anything new in the Fiber Art area, but my Crab Feast 1 was accepted into LiberyTown Arts Workshop’s annual Feast For the Eyes exhibit.



Crab Feast 1Update to the Update: Taking a Photoshop class at Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts with Carolyn Beever.  Last week she taught us how to straighten a photo of our art work.  So I practiced on my “Crab Feast 1” and here is what it looks like now.  Of course, it probably helps if it is straight and square in the first place!

Ocober SkyIf you are curious about the colors in my header, they come from this image I took outside my house one October evening.

Happy New Year!!

Still working, but moving along on creating art and new websites.  Check out my latest one for Friends of Chatham.  Retirement on track for this August.

Hello world!

Since I’m passing out cards with this address, I need to put something here besides the standard work press start up phrase.  You have reached the business website of Carolyn Van Der Jagt’s post retirement career.  Since I still need to work at my “real” job for a little while longer, I don’t have sufficient time to put too much here right now.  However, the Arts Along the Rappahannock River website is kept up-to-date, so check out that for upcoming events and things to do in the Fredericksburg Virginia Area.

I am also feverishly working on “finishing” some pieces for my first ever show in September at Water Street Studio.  So check back soon because I hope to post some images of my progress.